At Express we own more than 150 vehicles and have invested millions of pounds on our fleet.  We control our vehicles maintenance procedures and fleet replacement decisions.  Each taxi, private hire and mini bus goes through a detailed inspection check every Monday and it is serviced approx. every 5000 miles, this equates to about once every 2 months. 

sample imageAll servicing and inspections are carried out in our own modern well equipped workshop. 

We take pride in replacing any vehicle parts before any problem's occur. 

Our vehicles are MOTed every 6 months.  So when it comes to maintenance and cleanliness of our fleet, Express Taxis take this very seriously.

We pride ourselves on our fully automated computer software which stores a full service calendar on all our fleet vehicles. The exterior and interior is also very important for us and our customers, the vehicles are scheduled for a professional valet each month and are subject to washing and vacuuming prior to each shift.

Maintenance on our fleet is our upmost priority to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for our passengers and drivers.

So when it comes to maintenance - Expresss means quality!