Express Taxis Booking System Upgrades

Express Taxis are again investing in the future with the most up to date booking system in the world now being introduced.

The advantages for our customers will make it easier for them to book and track their taxi, they will know when it has be dispatched and even track its progress in live time. Some of the new features include.

IVR- book your Express Taxi with the press of a button, no need to speak to an operator (unless you still wish to).

Callback- everyone’s favorite, lets you know when your taxi is waiting outside for you.

Textback – this feature not only tells you your cars outside but also will let you know when your taxi has been dispatched along with the registration, make and model and your driver’s name. The safety this brings to every Express Taxi customer is a big part why we chose this system in the first place.

IPhone and Android Apps- once again we feel that this will give our customers another way of booking an Express Taxi. You simply download your Express Taxis app and this will give you the freedom to book and track your taxi and also pay with credit card all at your fingertips.

Watch this space for many more features that will be available to every Express Taxi customer. Watch this space for launch date.